About Us

Bionat is a company originally from France that has been on the Market of cosmetics for 40 years with several awards and certifications both national and international. Our company is located in the city of São Paulo, our selection consists of 200 products for hair and skin care aiming at treating the diversity of human beauty, all resulting from the search for actives in nature. Bionat invests in research and technology as well as in the development and implantation of new products along with the continuous capacitation of our workforce.

Bionat , with the integration of scientific knowledge and biodiversity, supplies a demanding public searching for natural, non-aggressive and sustainable products with high performance and innovative products that really work. Our researchers find in nature the best of its essence in oils and natural substances with great cosmetic power.

Bionat has been a reference in the field of cosmetics for its satisfactory results of products duly formulated under a strict quality control, a fact that has made our company and products expand to the international market.

Our goal is to expand our brand and reach consumers searching for a differential in cosmetic products with transparency, dignity and respect. We also follow the sustainability with viability in our business opportunities.

A story of determination and success

Elizabeth Aime was born into a humble family, in the state of Paraná. Always in touch with nature, she began to imagine all the possibilities that natural substances could offer the world.

At age 9 Elizabeth moved to São Paulo with her family. From there, during her adolescence, she began to see the possibility to help people and improve their self-esteem. Persistent, passionate about the area, she fought against prejudice and opened her own salon in the São Paulo suburb.

She graduated Law School, with a postgraduate degree in research and advanced development and cosmetology. Postgraduate in administration and salon management, she is also a Chemistry Technician . She grew professionally, always seeking new knowledge and challenges, without letting go of her passion; being a Hair Stylist.
So based on her history the Bionat System was born. Satisfying customers with the best experience possible in Beauty Salons with high-tech products offering exceptional quality and amazing results.

Now she employs more than 100 people in more than 14 countries on 4 continents.